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All residents of Pavilion Township may use the Galesburg Memorial Library at no charge. Climax Public Library (Lawrence Memorial), offers a free library card and services to Pavilion Township residents. 

Residents in the Portage School District pay a millage to the Portage Library District therefore they can use the             Portage Library at no charge. All others must pay a non-resident fee.

Residents may also pay a non- resident fee to use the Vicksburg or Comstock Libraries. Interested parties should contact those libraries directly for fee information, etc.


Galesburg Memorial Library
188 E. Michigan
Galesburg, MI 49053
Phone: 269-665-7839


Portage Public Library
300 Library Lane
Portage, MI 49002
Phone: 269-329-4544

Vicksburg District Library
215 S. Michigan 
Vicksburg, MI 49097
Phone: 269-649-1648


Comstock Library
6130 King Highway
Comstock, MI 49053
Phone: 269-345-0136
(Located in the same building 
As the Township Offices)

Climax Public Library

(Lawrence Memorial Library)

107 North Main St.

Climax, MI 49034

Phone: 269-746-4125

(Computers, Fax, Tutoring Services)

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