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How's the weather in Pavilion Township?

Pavilion Proud .... Photos from our township. If you have a photo you'd like to share send it to:

Pavilion in the Fall - Q Ave.

Pavilion Township Q Ave. Maple Trees

Pavilion-winter scene

Winter Scene Long Lake

Summer Sunset on Long Lake

Summer Sunset on Long Lake

Sunset Pickeral Lake

Summer sunset on Pickeral Lake

Long Lake Fall Colors

Fall Colors on Long Lake

Summer sunset on Long Lake

Summer sunsets on Long Lake

Lake Village Homestead

Scene from Lake Village Homestead Co-op farm and educational center on Long Lake

Photos from around Pavilion Township

Gathering on the sand bar on Long Lake

Fireworks over Long Lake

Annual Fireworks over Long Lake

Long Lake - Eagle

American Bale Eagle frequent visitor on Long Lake

Sunset on Indian Lake

Sunset on Indian Lake

Crop land near Scotts

Crop Land near Scotts

Arrow heads from native Americans

Artifacts found on Greenfield Shores, Long Lake. Indian encampments were common around the lakes

Long Lake - blue Heron

Great Blue Heron common on area lakes.

Long Lake homes

Homes on Deep Point Drive-Long Lake

Long Lake bus

Bus from Kalamazoo used to bring visitors to Long Lake

Pavilion-fall road
Pavilion-winter scene

Winter Scene on Long Lake

Number of folks visiting our web site.

Fall colors on Q Ave.
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