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Cemetery Grave & Decoration Rules

For Pavilion Township Updated: 12/2015
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INTENDED AND ACCEPTABLE USES: The cemetery grounds are intended to be used by the living as a place of respectful meditation. Traditional uses include the installation of flowers, flags, and related items at the grave site, and quiet visitation by family members and friends of the deceased. Generally stated, all uses related to the burial ceremony and perpetual visits, within the traditionally-accepted guidelines, are permitted 365 days a year from 8:00 a.m. to sunset only.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that any willful destruction of cemetery property, memorials, protective or ornamental structures, trees, shrubs, plants, and or obstructive behavior, could amount to legal penalties and or enhanced jail time based on convictions 750.387 (MSA 28.619).

FEES Cemetery sites are $200.00 for Residents and $400 non-Residents.

  • Grave Opening Rates:
    Full Body Summer: $550.00
    Full Body Winter: $600.00
    Cremains Summer: $300.00
    Cremains Winter: $350.00
    Time and a half will be assessed on Saturday and Sunday Burials along with any Holidays.
    Foundations are required.

MARKERS: Cost of Repairs…………..The Owner is responsible for any expenses incurred in the repairing of a marker or monument.

DESIGN: All monuments or markers must conform to the general development plan of the cemetery. Handmade markers are not in conformity with the general development plan (04/01/2004 revised ks). The Township Board will make all final determinations on the appropriateness of individual monuments or markers. Foundations done by Township.

REMOVAL BY TOWNSHIP: If any monument or marker falls into disrepair, becomes unsightly, dangerous, or detrimental, it may be removed by the Cemetery Sexton after giving 30 days written notice to the last owner of record. Existing handmade markers could be removed by the decision and discretion of the Township Clerk.

DIMENSIONS (maximum): Single site - 38 inches in width, and 14 inches in depth. One full burial allowed per site. Two (2) cremains only allowed per site.


  • Annual flowers should be planted within 12 inches of the memorial, and not extend past the burial site boundary while in full bloom.

  • Perennial flowers may be planted in urns or vases on any side of the memorial, but within burial site boundaries.

  • With permission of from the Township Clerk, shrubs or evergreens of a dwarf species may be planted beside memorials as long as they do not encroach on other burial sites or exceed 24 inches in height.

  • Artificial flowers are to be placed on the sides of memorials the same as regular flowers, and must be removed at the end of the normal growing season. Winter decorations shall be removed by early spring. (as soon as weather permits)

SPRING CLEANING of all cemeteries will be done by the Township, including the removal of all decorations, brush, and other debris, including handmade markers at the decision and discretion of the Township Clerk. Items will be placed up by the side of the storage shed at the Boughton Cemetery and to the back corner of each of the other Pavilion Township Cemeteries for a period of two weeks during the spring clean up. If items are not picked up during that grace period of two weeks, they will be discarded. Spring Cleanup is conducted during the period as early as April 1 through the end of the month. If there is a problem getting your items picked up, please call the Township Hall and the Clerk will make arrangements to hold them.

YOU are responsible for the care and maintenance of grave decorations. Your cooperation will be appreciated. Further information and any questions or concerns may be obtained from the Pavilion Township Clerk at (269) 327-0462.


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